Top 10 Hair Dryer Brands In India

Hair dryers have taken a special and essential place in home these days. Specially people who want to style their hairs in different ways and look awesome each day, hair dryer is a mush have product for them. Everyone wants to look fabulous before stepping out from home either they are heading for work or going to attend some party or just for casual hanging out with friends.

Apart from styling the hairs, another main function of hair dryers is to blow the hairs dry after a shower or hair wash. So if you want to give a blow dry to your hairs and to style them as well while doing so, you need to have one good quality of hair dryer. Out of many, we have enlisted here the top brands that can be fully trusted and relied upon for a nice service. Let’s take a look at them: Below are the top 10 Best Hair Dryer Brands In India in 2018.

10. Morphy Richards

Best hair dryer brands in India

Morphy Richards has flooded the market with its wide range of electronic products but when we talk about their hair dryers, the stylish yet handy, small yet versatile product is worth considering while buying one. Although they look small but they never fails to give an effective and efficient result while styling the hairs and blowing the hair dry. You can take it anywhere with you and make your hairs as stylish as they could be. Coming in an affordable price range one can take a notion about Morphy Richards hair dryers without any doubt.

9. BaByliss

Best hair dryer brands in India

Stylish look with multiple functionalities, a hair dryer from BaByliss could be your choice if you are looking something that can come within your price range. Temperature control settings can be made use of while performing the task with it and speed can also be adjusted to your own preference. Cool shot button gives an extra advantage to give a shot of cold air making the style exactly the way you want and that too for a longer period of time. It comes with a diffuser which is adjustable and can be modified as per the choice. Hair dryers from Babyliss are worth spending money.

8. Remington

Best hair dryer brands in India

When a product comes with a warranty it automatically gains some extra points. Remington hair dryers come under the same category as they give three years warranty to its users. Very stylish and comfortable to use they encompass three settings for heat management and also have cold shot air feature. Even the motor life is also very high being around two times longer than any average hair dryer. The turbo function that is built in the product can speed up the process of drying giving stylish hairs in no time.

7. Vega

Best hair dryer brands in India

If you are looking for a stylish and elegant design, Vega is just the right product for you. Compact designing and handy structure make it one of its kind. Hair dryers from Vega come under highly affordable price range and different colors that can be picked as per the color preference. The hanging loop for easy storage at any place and the removable cap for easy cleaning make the hair dryers from Vega quite different from the rest. And this is the reason why it ranked 7th in our top 10 list of hair dryers.

6. Torlen

Best hair dryer brands in India

Torlen hair dryers are for those who want their work to accomplish fast and quickly. Once the heat control setting is done it will give the exact amount of warmth to your hairs blowing them dry in few minutes. If you are trying to style your hairs, then again with two different air modes, you can let your hairs get the perfect style and you a perfect look. The AC motor give it long life and 3 types of heat settings and two types of speed settings give some extra marks to the hair dryers from Torlen, giving it 6th rank in the list.

5. Nova

Best hair dryer brands in India

No wonder Nova has gained quite popularity when it comes to its electronic items and especially hair dryers. With a wide range of price and versatility, you can get the hair dryer of Nova from personal to professional use. Be it the vivid range of colors or the stunning range of functionality, Nova has attained quite a reputable position in the market in the recent past. Giving silky, smooth and lustrous look to the hairs, Nova dryers are something that anyone can rely upon. It is quite famous among the teenagers due to its price range.

4. Braun

Best hair dryer brands in India

Some of the features of hair dryers from Braun that make it unique and outstanding are its multi-voltage functionality and foldable handle quality. With these qualities it is considered best for the traveling purpose as it can get adapted to any voltage power being provided in the room. The rest of the features like multiple speed control settings, heat control buttons and light indicators make it one amazing product. Highly comfortable to use and much comfortable to get the hairs style, Braun hair dryers are the ultimate choice of people these days.

3. Wahl

Best hair dryer brands in India

The Wahl hair dryers are so famous among the hairdressers and the stylish people that it doesn’t need any introduction. And this is the reason why it comes under the top three brands of hair dryers. Extremely stylish look in the hair dryers from Wahl gives it extra points. Hot and cool air buttons with controllable settings and the air filters that can be removed for easy cleaning make it a unique product. It can be easily used by both women and men since it is highly comfortable to use and give awesome end results.

2. Philips

Best hair dryer brands in India

Can you doubt in today’s date the quality of electronic appliances Philips has endowed to its customers since time immemorial. Always maintain its position and reputation, the hair dryers from Philips can be completely relied upon when it comes to quality and end results. Multi functional and versatile in nature, Philips hair dryers assure its customers to get the style in perfect and ideal way that they have always craved for. With Philips hair dryer in your hand you can totally relax and enjoy the session of hair drying or hair styling since you will be getting the best result.

1. Panasonic

Best hair dryer brands in India

Panasonic has given a large number of hair dryers in the fashion industry. And every new model is the better version of the old one. High quality assurance and warranty policy of two or more years allure a large number of customers towards itself. No wonder people trust the brand Panasonic and this is the reason why it ranked number one in our top 10 list as well. A product with affordable price range and superior quality cannot be compromised with other product. Encompassing almost all the desirable features hair dryers from Panasonic are the best in the world.

Whether you are a college going student or office going person, for boosting up the confidence and self-esteem, good hairs do wonder. No one likes to go out with wet and tangled hairs. So blow the hairs dry and get the hottest and trendy style with some amazing hair dryer from top notch brands. Say goodbye to boring hairs and hello to the new style. Have a Good hair day, today and always!

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