Top 10 Best Cosmetics Brands in India

Cosmetics have become a necessity of every household. To stay glamorous, we need to follow a perfect skincare regime. Aren’t you one of those individuals who are concerned about the growing problems related to hair? Or isn’t that acne giving you nightmares?

Well, the cosmetic brands are here to solve the unwanted problems. Numerous brands have established over time but only a few have gained prominence in the Indian market. And in the midst of this tough competition, it is hard to pick the favorite cosmetic brand as each brand has a quality of its own.

But after considering all the important factors, It is time to check the top 10 best cosmetics brands in India 2018.

10. M.A.C.:

Best cosmetic brands in India

M.A.C is an international luxury cosmetic brand that has taken the Indian market by storm. A current favorite among the make artists, M.A.C cosmetics lasts long and offers a smooth finished look. Foundations, brushes and lipsticks of this well marketed, high-end brand, are some of the most popular products among the Indian makeup enthusiasts. The products of this brand are of supreme quality and are mostly expensive. An investment made in a M.A.C product is a good investment, one that you will never regret or frown upon.

9. Elle 18:

Best cosmetic brands in India

Widely popular among the school and college going crowd, Elle 18 is a youth oriented cosmetic brand in India. The brand tends to offers an array of vibrant beauty products in peppy colors and tone. The cosmetic range of Elle 18 is of high quality and comes in an affordable range. The line of products of this brand includes eyeliners, nail paints, lipsticks and kajals. But the new range of color pops is a massive hit among the college girls as a daily wear and already occupied a significant part of the market.

8. Color Bar:

Best cosmetic brands in India

This drugstore brand offers beauty enthusiasts with a range of cosmetics that are not only peppy in colors but also lasts long on the skin. Their lipstick range is exceptionally good and so is their primer. The range of beauty products that ColorBar has expertise on, include eyes, lips, nails and face. The cosmetics are priced in a way that enables more people to buy it based on the comfort of their budget. Most beauty bloggers suggest the products of ColorBar for its consistency and stay; you can try one of their products and test the theory of your own.

7. Himalaya Herbals:

Best cosmetic brands in India

A well-known cosmetics brand in India, Himalaya Herbals knows how to attract customers with an affordable and quality range of products. The company has made its niche as one of the popular herbal Ayurvedic brands in the world. Himalaya Herbal offers its customers with an extensive range of makeup products, skincare, hair care and health care products. Its sunscreens, anti-acne products, under eye cream and hair loss products are exceptionally good and affordable. If you have a sensitive skin that gets easily irritated, you should give this brand a try.

6. Revlon:

Best cosmetic brands in India

A pioneer among the international cosmetic brands to tie up with India, Revlon is a popular beauty brand that offers its customer with an array of beauty products. Revlon is an expensive international drugstore brand that has expertise in nail paints, skin care cosmetics, lipsticks and products of eye-makeup. The products are priced in such as a way to as to attract customers for all strata of income.

5. Maybelline:

Best cosmetic brands in India

Good quality and reasonable price are the two words that perfectly define this cosmetic brand. This subsidiary brand of L’Oreal has some of the most popular range of cosmetics in India; Maybelline has a plethora of products that include eye shadows, smudge proof kajals, mascaras, eye liners, eye tattoo, gel liners, lipsticks, nail paints and foundations. Are you one of those makeup enthusiasts who like to splurge on quality cosmetics but have a tight budget? Then there is a probability that you have already found your safe haven in Maybelline.

4. L’Oreal:

Best cosmetic brands in India

This world famous French cosmetic brand is the main body of L’Oreal India and is clearly one of the leading cosmetic brands in India. The product range of L’Oreal is expensive but is of excellent quality. The most popular range of products of this drugstore brand include lipsticks, nail paints, shampoos, hair color and other skin care items. The brand is well endorsed worldwide and the products are extremely popular for their it’s packaging and quality products.

3. VLCC:

Best cosmetic brands in India

With more than 10,000 retail outlets and over a strong 200 plus chain of distributors, the range of VLCC products is a top-notch brand in the Indian cosmetic market. The brand’s popularity is spreading like a wildfire and it has expertise over products for hair, skin, body shaping and body firming. The cosmetic products are advertised as herbal and Ayurvedic and are carefully designed to cater all types of skin. If you want to try any of the products of VLCC, you are sure to find several outlets in your city.

2. Lotus:

Best cosmetic brands in India

Lotus is one of the just the perfect cosmetic brand that allows the Indian populace to have the best skincare treatment. It is an Ayurvedic herbal brand that offers its customers with a huge variety of pocket-friendly skincare, body care and hair care products. There are a variety of sunscreens, moisturizer, night cream, day cream and other skincare products that are extremely popular in India. The product lining of Lotus offers lipsticks, kajal, blushes, kajal and nail paints in many shades. Lotus Herbals Ltd Company claims to be totally against animal cruelty and animal testing. Therefore, if you are an animal lover you can try the products of Lotus without the guilt of the ill-treatment that is usually meted out to the poor animals.

1. Lakme:

Best cosmetic brands in India

The cosmetic brand of Lakme occupies the top spot among cosmetic brands in India and is backed by the trust of many generations. The range of Lakme products is designed in such a way that everybody gets to splurge on their favorite beauty products without burning a hole in their pocket. Almost every woman in her life has tried Over the years, Lakme has become the synonym of quality and quantity when it comes to makeup products. The wide range of products include lipsticks, lip balm, eye liners, kajals, nail paints and foundations. Other skin care product ranges like the sunscreens, face washes, moisturizers, etc are designed for each type of skin and are used extensively. The brand offers its customers with a wide color palette to choose from and has products designed for all types of skin tone.

This cosmetic brand is a part of Unilever and is loved equally by both the makeup professionals and the beauty concerned individuals.

These brands are ruling the market for more or less than a decade now but it is the supreme quality of each brand that helped to win the trust of the valuable customers. Many other brands are out there in the market but the above listed brands are tested by millions and the positive results that the users gained after applying the products made the brands a stand-out one among the crowd. From lipsticks to night creams, all the cosmetics are needed for bringing the best out of you. But the most important thing behind choosing these brands are that all of the products are made by using premium ingredients and thus, you can apply without expecting negative impacts on your skin.

Now pick the best brands as only quality products can ensure the expected results. So without any doubt, rely on the top 10 cosmetic brands of India.

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