Top 10 Best Washing Machine Brands In India

Washing Machines has become a very important necessity for modern busy lifestyle of people around the world. It is a most commonly used appliance in every house of India. Nowadays the washing machines are very affordable and Indian public is very particular about their needs, they want better quality and time saving along with low cost. So the washing machine companies have to come up with new technologies and new products regularly to keep themselves sustain in the compatible world of business.

It’s the most required daily use product, so there are many companies who manufacture washing machines. All have their different specification and functionality according to the price and requirement. So here, let’s look at the Top 10 Washing Machines Brand of India 2018.

1. IFB

Best washing machine brands in India

Tagline: Set Yourself Free

IFB is known to be one of the best and leading washing machine brands of India. IFB (India Fine Blanks Ltd) is known for its German technology and modern features. IFB was founded in India and partners with Heinrich Schmid AG of Switzerland in 1974. IFB’S main manufacturing plant is in Goa and company has near about 250 retail outlets all over the India. IFB is the only company, who never manufactured semi automatic washing machine. They have always manufactured fully automatic machine with front load and top load. IFB provide latest technology which packed with features like Smart Sensor, Steam Wash, 4D Water Jets, Aqua Spa Therapy and many more. According to a survey IFB’s total income is estimated to be Rs 291.78 crore.

2. Whirlpool

Best washing machine brands in India

Tagline Work Globally Act Locally
Headquarter Benton Charter Township, Michigan, United States

Whirlpool is another one of the most leading and best selling washing machine brand of India. It is well known American Multinational Manufacturing brand of home appliances. Whirlpool India Ltd was established in 1980 and its first plant for manufacturing of washing machine was recognised in Pondicherry. It comes with semi-automatic as well as top loaded and front loaded fully automatic washing machine. Whirlpool provides best technology, which uses less electricity and its new Tumble Care technology claims to gives germs free and baby soft cloths in every wash. It also loaded with features like 6th sense technology for build-in-heater, 3D scrub, remove tough stains and many more.

3. Samsung

Best washing machine brands in India

Tagline Innovation for All
Headquarter Seoul, South Korea

Samsung is a South Korean electronics company, which is known to be the most selling washing machine brand in India. Samsung provides inclusive range of both Semi Automatic as well as top loaded and front loaded fully automatic washing machines. Samsung gives 10 year warranty period time on their front and top loaded machines. Samsung washing machines are packed with latest and innovative features, which offer you effortless wash, use less electricity and protects the fabric. It offers features like, power cleaning, intense stain removal, bubble sock technology and automatic heater control which gives you cleans cloths in effortless time.

4. LG

Best washing machine brands in India

Tagline “Life’s Good”
Headquarter Seoul, South Korea

LG was awarded with the most attractive brand of India in 2016. LG is a South Korean brand, which was established in 1947. Because of its reasonable price and availability makes it the most popular product in Indian market. It comes in vast variety of semi automatic as well as front and top loaded fully automatic washing machines. These astonishing washing machines are packed with high efficiency features and modern high tech technology. Which include features like 6 motion DD technology, turbo wash, allergen reduction, steam washer dryer, big capacity, jet spray and stain removal technology.

5. Bosch

Best washing machine brands in India

Tagline Invited For Life
Headquarter Gerlingen, Germany

Bosch is known to be one of the most leading multinational brands of India, which offers modern European technology. The company was established by Robert Bosch in 1886. Bosch comes in little expensive range as compare to other washing machines brands but it is worth of the money. Bosch only manufactures front loaded fully automatic washing machines. Bosch washing machines are designed with modern, unique and upgraded technology, which provides better results and consume less electricity. Bosch provides powerful features like improved washing capacity, hygienic wash, smart sensor, temperature control and deep stain removal.

6. Videocon

Best washing machine brands in India

Tagline New Improved Life
Headquarter Mumbai, India

Videocon is known to be one of oldest and most trust worthy brand of India. The company was founded by Venugopal Dhoot in 1979. Videocon is known for its best selling semi automatic washing machines, which comes with high tech designs, modern features and latest technology. Recently, Videocon launched their first fully automatic washing machine with front/top load. The USP of the Videocon washing machines is that it requires very less maintenance and low service cost. Videocon washing machines are loaded with impressive features like memory backup, delay start, fuzzy logic control, child lock and air dry function.

7. Godrej

Best washing machine brands in India

Tagline Ideas That Make Life Brighter
Headquarter Mumbai, India

Godrej was established by two famous Indian businessmen Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej in 1897. Besides Videocon, Godrej is also known to be one of the most trustful and oldest brands of India. This washing machine brand provides most modern features in very reasonable price. Godrej brand is known for its durability and low maintenance cost. Godrej washing machine provides high performance at little cost. These are packed with powerful features which includes ability to remove toughest stains, cloth load indicator, inbuilt water heater, digital control panel, aqua jet pulsator and multiple wash programs.

8. Panasonic

Best washing machine brands in India

Tagline A Better Life, A Better World
Headquarter Kadoma, Osaka, Japan

Panasonic is known to be the leading Japanese multinational company, which was founded in 1918. Panasonic deals with both semi-automatic as well as top/front full automatic washing machines. Though, they have entered in this field very late, but with in short span of time they were able to win the heart of their customers. These washing machines are well known for their power and water saving efficiency. Panasonic offers huge variety in both semi and fully automatic machines as the customer requirements. It comes with the features like 3 way wash board, capacity of 6 to 14 kg, aqua beat technology, 16 programmed wash course, 3D wash sensor, auto restart and voltage control.

9. Onida

Best washing machine brands in India

Tagline Owner’s Pride
Headquarter Mumbai, India

Onida is one of most reliable brand of India and it was rewarded with ranked #27 in the Brand Trust Report of 2014 by Trust Research Advisory. The company was established by G.L.Mirchandani and Vijay Mansukhani in 1981. Onida offers the capacity of 5.8 kg to 9.5 kg in the both semi and fully automatic (front/top loaded) machines. These washing machines provide the unique “build in brush” feature, which work as magic in cloths and gives you clean clothes in every wash.

10. Haier

Best washing machine brands in India

Tagline Inspired Living
Headquarter Qingdao, China

Haier is known to be one of the fastest growing multinational manufacturing brands in India, which was established in 1984. Haier manufactures wide range in fully and semi automatic machines, which comes up with innovative designs and powerful features. Haier innovation in its technology provide the features like Platinum Drum, Smart DD Motor, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Anti-Bacteria Technology, Child Lock and comes with life time warranty. Haier also launched World’s first double drum washing machine.

Washing machine is a top priority home appliance in India. They are convenient to use and make our life easier. These days’ washing machines are being overbooked with features and new creative technology. A market with lots of option is considered a consumer friendly market. The segment of markets with home appliance especially washing machines faces tough competition and it is always a win win situation for consumer.

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