Top 10 Best Refrigerator Brands in India

Summer season is accompanied with hot and humid weather that not just makes our life intricate but also devoid the fruits, vegetables and food of their freshness. A very common problem that occurs in summers is the problem of food spoilage. Refrigerator is the appliance that tackles the issue and preserves our food for a longer period making it robust for consumption. Not just in summers but a refrigerator serves as a boon throughout the year.

There are plentiful benefits of a refrigerator: It allows the food to be stored for a longer period and sustains its nutrition. It cools down our drinks and water thereby providing us relief from the scorching summers when we gulp them. The freezer component stores food at freezing temperature preserving them from spoilage. Thus, due to its several advantages it has become vital for every household. There are abundant of consumer electronics brands that manufacture fridges with varied features and sizes.

There are oodles of fridges with varied specifications available in the market that baffles you to pick your right one. Just go through our well-researched best refrigerator brands of India 2018 list that will surely aid you in making your decision.

10. Sharp

Best refrigerator brands in India

Sharp is a Japanese multinational company that is trusted worldwide for its finer quality products. It manufactures fridges in different styles, capacities and color that are equipped with advanced features. Its models are encumbered with various features such as hybrid cooling, LED lightning, plasma cluster ion system and LCD display. It provides the option of single door, double door and 4-door fridge.

Single door models are affordable ones with efficient design and first-class performance. Double door models possess automatic temperature control, adjustable tempered glass shelves, eco button, door alarm and several other features. 4-door fridges are designed for those who require ample storage space and they come with icemakers.

Price range: Rs 9000 to Rs 1,04,000

9. Panasonic

Best refrigerator brands in India

Panasonic is well acclaimed Japanese brand that was established in 1918. The brand is known for using innovative technology and manufacturing products of supreme quality. Its models are categorized as Direct Cool, Frost Free, Side-by-Side and Multi door. Direct Cool models possess single door and features like transparent interiors, removable door gasket and toughened glass shelves.

Frost-free models are equipped with double door and have fresh lock technology, eco sensors and LED lightning. Side-by-side and multi door models are high ranged models with smart specifications such as child lock, hygiene active system, smart control panel, anti-bacterial technology and enormous capacity. The models comes in various shades like peach, blue, gray, wine, maroon etc.

Price range: Rs 10,690 to Rs 1,95,000

8. Electrolux

Best refrigerator brands in India

Electrolux is a prominent Swedish company and is one of the most credulous brands. It holds the record of being second largest appliance manufacturing company in the world. Its models are known for possessing latest technology, stylish looks and excellent features along with reasonable rates.

The categories of its refrigerators are Euro series, mini-refrigerators and refrigerator with deep door shelves. Euro series are special models that can maintain cold inside for 5 hours in case of power loss. These models are lustrous, well designed and are energy efficient. Refrigerators with deep door shelves can accommodate bulky and large bottles and possess anti-bacterial properties.

Price range: Rs 6,648 to Rs 12,342.

7. Haier

Best refrigerator brands in India

Haier is a Chinese brand that was launched in India in the year 2004. In last 13 years the brand has garnered a lot of acceptance and credibility in India due to its impressive collection of fridges. The capacities of its models ranges from 180L to 600L. Haier proffers vivid types of refrigerators namely Side by Side, Bottom Mounted, Top Mount Frost Free and Direct Cool.

Side by side model is equipped with a French door, ample space, icemaker cum dispenser, energy saving inverter and automatic temperature control. Bottom mount model has the freezer at the bottom along with convertible middle door. It provides 360-degree airflow, solar induced freshness and separate fruit box. Top mount model has the freezer at the top. Direct cool model is a single door simple yet elegant model and possess features like stabilizer free operation and diamond edge freezer technology.

Price range: Rs 10,990 to Rs 72,990.

6. Hitachi

Best refrigerator brands in India

Hitachi is a Japanese company that has made its mark in the Indian market. It guarantees superior quality products along with durability and lower power consumption. Its models are packed with features such as eco thermal sensor, no frost, nano titanium filter and dual fan cooling. The USP of the brand is that all its models are free from detrimental CFC and HFC.

Its refrigerators are categorised as: Made in Japan, Side by Side, Big French Series, French bottom Freezer, Big 2 and Super Big 2 series, New Stylish Line Series, Slim Line and Sofege series. It offers models with 6 doors, vacuum, photocatalystic preservation, high speed defrost, LED light, automatic icemaker, front air flow, moldproof door gasket, side out chilled case, dual fan cooling and many other staggering features.

Price range: Rs 46,650 to Rs 79,950

5. Videocon

Best refrigerator brands in India

Videocon is a well-known brand in India. The brand has been gratifying a lot of Indian customers since its launch in 1979. It products are packed with startling features and advanced technology. The models are categorised as: Side by Side, Frost Free, Direct Cool and Welcome series.

Side by Side fridges are equipped with features like low energy consumption, automatic ice and water dispenser, nano silver anti-bacteria technology and humidity controlled crisper. Frost Free and Direct Cool models come with transparent interiors, energy efficiency, sturdy wire shelves, stabilizer free operations, cooling booster and adjustable wine rack. The Welcome Series models are loaded with features like multi-point cooling system, opaque interiors, recessed handle and removable door gasket.

Price range: Rs 6,335 to Rs 79,891.

4. Godrej

Best refrigerator brands in India

Godrej is a famous and highly acknowledged Indian conglomerate that was launched in 1897. The models are not just known for their performance but are also renowned for their elegant look. Its models are categorized as: Frost Free, Direct Cool and Side by Side. Frost Free model possess features like motion sensing zone lightning, digital touch control panel, smart air lock technology, flexi-freeze tray and many more.

Direct Cool models possess features like energy saving properties, large shelf, rust free warranty, deep bottom chiller tray and removable ant-bacterial gasket. The fridges in Side by Side range have dual fan system, intelligent self-diagnostics, flexible ice maker, aroma lock, SIF technology, anti-bacteria technology, automatic temperature control and foldable wine rack.

Price range: Rs 10,490 to Rs 64,990.

3. Whirlpool

Best refrigerator brands in India

Whirlpool is an illustrious American multinational company that was established in 1911. Their refrigerators are making waves in the market due to their excellent performance and features like cutting edge technology and first-class finishing. Its models come in four categories namely French Door, Multi Door, Double Door and Single Door.

French door model is an elite and sophisticated model with adequate space, dual air-cooled system, high retention moisture technology, automatic ice making and intelligent temperature control. Multi Door fridges come with options of 3-door or 2-door. They possess air boosters, moisture retention technology and 6th sense active fresh technology.

Price range: Rs 11,790 to Rs 52,990.

2. LG

Best refrigerator brands in India

LG (Life’s Good) is a South Korean company that is a reliable brand offering wide variety of fridges that are known to deliver tremendous performance. Its models are equipped with features such as humidity control, automatic temperature control and anti-bacterial technology. The various types of LG refrigerators are: Side by Side, Bottom Freezer, Double Door and Single Door. Side by Side model feature inverter linear compression, Hygiene Fresh Plus Technology and smart diagnosis system. Double Door, Single Door and Bottom freezer come packed with features like Eco-friendly technology, digital sensors and fast ice making technology.

Price range: Rs 11,690 to Rs 2,75,000

1. Samsung

Best refrigerator brands in India

Samsung is a pioneer brand and leading our list with its models equipped with futuristic technology. Its models offer each and every feature that a modern fridge should possess. The fridges are known for their exceptional quality and performance and possess stylish look. Its models are categorized as: French Door, Food Showase, Side by Side, Top Mount Freezer and 1-Door.

All its models are crammed with incredible features such as digital inverter technology, 13 smart sensors, door alarm, triple fresh cooling technology, metal cooling guard, adjustable storage. Food showcase is a special type of fridge that lets you easily accesses all food items you love, as its exterior is transparent. They offer fridges with capacities ranging from 192L to 600L.

Price range: Rs 12,100 to Rs 1,02,502

There are so many brands of refrigerators that manufacture oodles of model. Each brand offers different types of fridges possessing tons of features. While purchasing a fridge you need to consider several aspects like quality, design, type (double door/single door), performance and affordability. Also ensure that the model you buy should be energy efficient and emits fewer amounts of perilous CFCs.

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