13 Best Baby Soap Brands 2018

The skin of a newborn baby is extremely delicate and sensitive. They need to be washed and cleaned with utmost care. Cleaning their body with plain water is sufficient. However, there is no harm in washing their body with a mild soap.

But one must keep in mind that the soap they are planning to use for their dearest baby should be free from toxins and harsh chemicals, especially the ones that have antibacterial properties in them; as they can affect the overall health of their child. They should also remember not to use any scented or perfumed soap as the baby can get irritated and start crying because of its unpleasant odor.

Hence, to keep the baby healthy, a mild soap which is odorless, made from natural ingredients, and contains natural oils such as olive, almond, palm or coconut is safe and suitable for their skin. In today’s world, the market is flooded with a variety of baby soaps. Here is th list of top 13 Best Baby Soap Brands in the world in 2018.

13. Chicco

Best baby soap brands

Chicco Baby moments soap is among the best baby soaps in the world. It is a vegetable based soap and is very creamy and forms less amount of lather as compared to other baby soaps. Since they do not contain any harmful chemicals or unnatural ingredients, therefore, they do not cause any kind of allergic reactions on the baby’s body. The soap is microbiological and dermatological tested which makes it pure and safe for its use.

12. Pigeon

Best baby soap brands

Pigeon is one of the trusted brands for baby care products. Their Pigeon Transparent Baby Soap contains organic ingredients such as squalane and ceramide that clean the baby’s skin deeply. The content of jojoba oil softens the baby’s skin. It also helps to treat skin irritations like rashes and infections. The doctors also recommend this soap for the babies suffering from skin infections for eliminating the rashes and redness.

11. Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar

Best baby soap brands

The 100% biodegradable bar, Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar is the best for the babies with extremely sensitive skin. It was introduced in the year 1957 by Heinz Maurer. It contains a pH balance of 5.5 that is not at all acidic in nature and helps to protect the texture of the infant’s tender skin. It is rich in vitamins and wheat germ oil. The soap also contains Panthenol and chamomile that helps in regenerating of the skin.

10. Noodle & Boo

Best baby soap brands

Noodle and Boo French Milled Baby soaps are one of the best baby soaps in the world. They have a high content of milk protein, aloe, almond oil and oatmeal which gently moisturises the baby’s tender skin. It does not contain any kind of harmful chemicals like Sulfates or dyes and has a soft scent that appeals the infant. It has a great packaging and looks very regal and luxe.

9. Baby Hugo Naturals

Best baby soap brands

Baby Hugo Naturals are one of the top brands and have a wide range of baby care products available on the market. Their Chamomile & Vanilla Baby soap is the favourites of all the mommies. There are no artificial ingredients present and is made up of natural and organic products. It is a tear-free soap. The soap is enriched with Shea butter, vegetable glycerin, jojoba oil and purified water. The glycerin forms a creamy lather that softens the baby’s skin gently from head to toes while the warm vanilla nourishes her delicate skin. With the same, the soap is vegan and antioxidant.

8. Druide Calming Baby Soap

Best baby soap brands

Druide Calming Baby Soap is one among the best baby soap brand in the world. It is softer than any other soaps present in the market. Each of its ingredients is pure and organic. It has high contents of vitamins, calcium and amino acids, which helps in nourishing the baby’s delicate skin and protecting it from rashes and allergies. One of the most amazing features of the brand is that each of their soaps is made one by one, resulting in the unique shape of each and every bar.

7. Wild Natural Baby Happy Baby Organic Soap

Best baby soap brands

Wild Natural Baby Happy Baby Organic Soap is a certified vegan antioxidant soap and is made up of natural and organic ingredients. The soap contains ingredients like vitamin C, omega-3, omega-6, fatty acids and hibiscus which helps to restores the lost moisture. It is excellent for the sensitive skin as it is free from Paraben, Sulfate, and Phthalate. It also removes the roughness and dryness of the skin, leaving them soft and supple.

6. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee

Best baby soap brands

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee is one among the top thirteen best baby soap brands in the world. Their buttermilk baby soap is 99.9% natural. They are made up of all natural ingredients such as oat flour which soothes the infant’s irritated skin and is enriched with buttermilk which helps in their skin nourishment. The product cleanses the toddler’s tender body with utmost care, leaving them fresh and soft.

5. Johnson and Johnson

Best baby soap brands

Johnson and Johnson is one of the oldest baby skin products brand in the world and it ranks fifth in the top thirteen best baby soap brands. It is an all time favorite of all the mothers. One-fourth part of their soap contains baby lotion which moisturises the delicate skin of the babies and keeps them soft and supple. They are enriched with Vitamin A, E and natural milk. There is no harmful chemicals or coloring agents present in their products making it safe for each and every baby.

4. Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Bar Soap

Best baby soap brands

It is a certified organic soap which peaked at number four on the list of top thirteen baby soap brands in the world. The soap is enriched with organic oils such as olive, coconut, palm, jojoba, and hemp. It contains no artificial fragrance and therefore it is ideal for every baby, especially the one with allergies and sensitive skin. The bar is wrapped in 10 percent hemp-flax and 90 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) paper.

3. Nurture, My Body Baby Bar Soap

Best baby soap brands

It ranks number three in the list of top baby soap brands in the world. It is mild, gentle, moisturizing that delicately nourishes the infant’s body, leaving it softer and calmer. It removes impurities from the baby’s body with a pleasing scent, making her feel fresh and clean. The soap is free from all types of unnatural ingredients such as sodium lauryl, Phthalates and Paraben. The soap contains only organic ingredients like palm, olive and coconut oil. It works wonders when it is paired with Nurture My Body Calming Lavender Baby Lotion, Body Wash, and Shampoo.

2. Badger Chamomile & Calendula Baby Soap

Best baby soap brands

This soap is one of the safest and best soaps for baby’s skin. It is mild, moisturising, non-irritating and is enriched with essential oil scents. It is free from all types of artificial and synthetic agents and doesn’t contain any fragrance. The soaps are made up of organic plant oils. The calendula and chamomile oils present in the soap calms and relaxes the babies while the coconut and Shea butter moisturise their soft and delicate skin.

1. Weleda Calendula Soap

Best baby soap brands

Weleda Calendula Soap is the world’s number one ranking soap. It is widely used by the mom’s, across the geographies. The soap contains only organic ingredients that soothe the infant’s skin and is rich in essential oils. It also contains chamomile and calendula flower extracts that prevent the baby’s body from drying and helps in moisturising the skin, leaving it soft, supple and calm.

Hence, these are the top thirteen brands of baby soap in the world. Each of these soaps is easily available in the global market and has earned their name in pure, secure, vegan, organic and safe soaps for the baby’s skin.

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