10 Best Microwave Oven Brands In India

With the advent of technology, all conventional appliances have been replaced with latest innovative products. Similarly a way of smart cooking has been introduced with the innovation of Microwave oven. Modern kitchens are equipped with an oven that makes cooking pleasant and less tedious.

In an oven you can cook, bake, grill, toast and re-heat. Since it has become necessity of every household, so a plethora of brands manufacture microwave ovens. Prior to buying a microwave oven you should know about various types of ovens that are present in the market. There are basically three types of oven namely Solo Oven, Grill Oven and Convection Oven. The Solo Oven only has microwave functions of heating and thawing. Grill Oven has grilling and baking functions.

The Convention Oven possesses microwave technology, grilling and convection thereby offering better baking, grilling and toasting. A fourth category is OTG oven that is not a microwave oven but can be used for merely baking, grilling and toasting. Therefore, when buying an oven choose the type that suits your purpose as well as your finances. Checkout the top 10 Best Microwave Oven Brands In India in 2018.

10. Onida

Best microwave oven brands in India

Onida is a famed Indian consumer brand that manufactures microwave ovens equipped with innovative technology. All the models come with different capacities ranging from 20L to 42L. It offers different types of microwave ovens namely Solo, Grill, Convection and Barbeque. The barbeque model is specifically used to cook appetising grilled dishes like tandoori roti, tandoori chicken, paneer tikka etc. The Solo model is cost-effective as well as suitable. Their ovens are loaded with complete range of Indian regional dishes in auto-cook menus. The models possess features such as auto cook, steam clean and calorie meter. Their ovens are inexpensive with range starting from as low as Rs 5,500.

9. Bajaj

Best microwave oven brands in India

Bajaj is a well-known appliances manufacturing brand in India. Bajaj was established in 1926 and since then it offers wide variety of home appliances, electrical goods and automobiles to the native consumers. It proffers different types of microwave ovens namely Solo Oven, Grill Oven, Convection Oven and OTG. All its models are packed with features such as digital timer, keep warm, easy jog dial and auto cook menus. Bajaj Microwaves starts with the range of Rs 6,260.

8. Panasonic

Best microwave oven brands in India

Panasonic is an illustrious brand that is known for its superior quality products blended with latest technology. Panasonic offers a wide range of ovens categorised as: Grill Oven, Convection Oven and Inverter Oven. Inverter Oven is a smart model with loads of features like inverter technology, reheat and keep warm, one touch sensor cooking and inverter turbo defrost. Its entire range of ovens possesses exceptional features such as auto cook menu, powerful steam function and blue LED dial ring. It offers different ranges of microwave ovens like Genius Countertop, Genius Prestige Countertop, Commercial and Built-in Compatible Microwaves. Their microwave oven range starts from Rs 6,000.

7. Kenstar

Best microwave oven brands in India

Kenstar is an aboriginal brand that was established in 1996. In a short period of time it has catered a lot of recognition and credibility in the Indian market. Its models are durable as well as reasonably priced. It manufactures Grill oven and Convection oven. The models are packed with host of features like auto cook menus, sensi grill, digital jog wheel and multi stage cooking. They offer ovens with capacity starting from 17L. Its microwaves have prices ranging from Rs 5,100.

6. Electrolux

Best microwave oven brands in India

Electrolux is a widely acclaimed and accredited brand that was founded in 1918. It offers a whole range of microwaves of vivid types namely Convection, Grill and Solo. The microwaves are known for offering a pleasing cooking experience. Its models are encumbered with copious of features like auto cook menus, tandoori heater, smartware technology and 360 degree clean. The price range of Electrolux ovens starts from Rs 4,700.

5. Godrej

Best microwave oven brands in India

Godrej is one of the oldest brands in India that proffers products that are durable and possess elegant look with excellent features. Its microwaves are manufactured employing futuristic technology, features and style thereby taking them way ahead of its counterparts. Godrej manufactures four types of microwaves explicitly Convection, Pizza and Kebab maker, Grill and Solo. Its models are crammed with features like multi stage cooking, insta cook menus, auto deodoriser, auto reminder and jet defrost. The ovens of the brand start from the range of Rs 5,690.

4. Whirlpool

Best microwave oven brands in India

Whirlpool is one of the pioneer brands of appliances in India. The brand is known for its excellent products that come with exclusive features and delivers outstanding performance. It models are packed with most up-to-date features, technology and innovative designs. Its models possess features like jet start, speed cooking, auto reheat, auto cook menus and auto reminder. The brand offers incredible microwaves at affordable rates. Whirlpool microwaves range starts from Rs 5,300.

3. LG

Best microwave oven brands in India

LG is a South Korean premier brand fetching appliances that are excellent in quality and rich in features. It manufactures a wide range of microwaves under the category of Solo, Convection and Grill. Some of its attractive features are power convection, stainless interior, multifunctional cooking, auto reminder, pull down handle, bread basket and lightwave technology. One can choose from anti-bacterial or stainless steel type of cavity. The microwaves are equipped with charcoal heater and grill temperature controller that offers healthy and delicious cooking. The charcoal heaters come with 10-year warranty. LG microwaves starts from the range of Rs 6,900.

2. Samsung

Best microwave oven brands in India

Samsung is an established brand that manufactures superior quality of products. It offers Convection, Grill and Solo types of microwaves. The ovens come in capacities of 20L, 23L, 28L and 32L. Its models possess features such as heating system, tandoor technology, precision cooking, humidity sensor cook, voice guidance and steam clean system. It features more than 100 auto cook menus and a crusty plate. The products feature ceramic cavity that comes with 10-year warranty. The price ranges of its models lie between Rs 7,000 to Rs 15,000.

1. IFB

Best microwave oven brands in India

IFB is the leading brand of microwave oven in India. Its technologically advanced and brilliantly featured variants make it the most loved microwave brand of India. It offers three types of microwaves namely Grill, Inverter type and Convection. The solo model is packed with features like 8 auto cook menus, auto defrost, quick start, time display and child safety lock. The Grill models possess features like multistage cooking, 22 auto cook menus, auto reheat, delay start, weights defrost and child safety lock. While the convection model is loaded with features like double grill, auto reheat and delay start. Their model comes in different capacities. Its microwaves start with the range of Rs 6,140.

Microwave ovens are quite essential in every household as they make cooking a child’s play. Whenever you intent to buy a microwave firstly decide upon your requirements. For instance if you use it primarily for baking then buy a Grill microwaves and if you want a microwave equipped with several features along with best quality baking, cooking and reheating than go for a Convection type. When it comes to deciding the brand and capacity then choose it according to your priorities and budget.

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