10 Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands 2018

For keeping home and workplace clean, vacuum cleaner is modern day appliance with contemporary features for efficient cleaning. The first thing that you have to decide when going for buying a vacuum cleaner is type of this appliance i.e. an upright or a cylinder based.

The cylinder type vacuum cleaner are smaller in size because of which they can be effortlessly stored at anywhere but the upright one delivers higher power and it can give efficient cleaning easily. Some of the vacuum cleaner model from prestigious brands also comes with use bags where the dirt is collected so that you can throw it away without any problem.

It is common that while going to purchase vacuum cleaner, you may be confused about which brands to choose from. Under such circumstances, below section will prove useful: List of top 10 best Vacuum Cleaner Brands in 2018.

10. Bosch

Best vacuum cleaner brands

Bosch brand offers the correct solution for every floor care challenge – in a reliably high quality. The vacuum cleaners from the brand are matched to the specific needs of household: tough on animal hairs, kind to sensitive wood floors, simple to handle and with standard power consumption. The finest thing about this brand is that you can select the one that suits you best at affordable price. Having no bags or filters to replace, bagless type vacuum cleaners offers ease of use and assists reduce costs. Vacuum cleaners from Bosch are low weight, space-saving approach and cordless handling, making it ideal for sprucing up tiny areas – such as furniture or seats and tiny spaces in the car.

9. Nova

Best vacuum cleaner brands

Nova delivers compact and stylish design vacuum cleaner that can be implemented for variety of tasks like car interior, home interior, office desktops, carpets, electronic accessories, etc. The dual function of suction as well as blower creates it very prevalent amongst its participant vacuum cleaner brands. You can notice that its filter is washable and easy to maintain compared to other brands. Its portable vacuum cleaner comes facilitated with 800 watt motor power as well as possesses has suction and blower functions.

8. Panasonic

Best vacuum cleaner brands

Earlier known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Panasonic is a Japanese based multinational electronics corporation with its headquarter located in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. The company was established in year 1918 and has developed to become one of the largest Japanese electronics producers with Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, and Canon Inc.

The company is a prominent name in vacuum cleaner products as it maintain the health and hygiene of your house with its vacuum cleaner models. It is known to operate at sufficient power with its dust catcher that sucks in dust and other bacteria hovering in the environment. Its vacuum cleaner are referred as an energy saving appliance which can blow air out so that the dust fixes on the floor and then it finally sucks in the accumulated dust with complete precision.

Some of its models come with retractable power cord that protects the customer against inevitable falls which are usually by getting tangled within wires. Its vacuum cleaner weighs less, so moving across the room or office is not a backbreaking work at hand.

7. Bissell

Best vacuum cleaner brands

Bissell Inc., also identified as Bissell Homecare, is a privately owned vacuum cleaner brand and floor care product manufacturing company with its headquarter located in Walker, Michigan in Greater Grand Rapids. The company is referred as number one manufacturer of floor care products in entire North America in terms of sales, with high market share of 20%. The brand developed an early carpet sweeping appliance to help in cleaning the crockery shop which the owner and his wife Anna owned and operated.

The appliance was patented as the Bissell Carpet Sweeper in year 1876. In year 1883, Bissell brand built the company’s leading manufacturing plant in Grand Rapids. By era of 1890s the brand had a global presence and was manufacturing 1000 sweepers per day. Over the years the brand developed from manufacturing just mechanical sweepers to manufacturing vacuum cleaners and carpet shampooers.

6. Inalsa

Best vacuum cleaner brands

Vacuum cleaner from Inalsa is ergonomically manufactured to make home cleaning fast, convenient and simple. It comes with convenient sized cord and automatic cord rewinder. The pedal switch that comes in its product makes it easy to operate the vacuum cleaner. At brand Inalsa, its products comply with stringent GS, CE, RoHS, ISI test standards as well as all vacuum cleaners are produced under ISO quality systems at various production centers.

Its strict quality testing norms creates it successful for the best in class material and product designs. Established in year 1967, Inalsa brand’s vacuum ceaner has always been the good choice of consumers for small home appliances, as it is one of the fastest developing appliance companies.

5. Samsung

Best vacuum cleaner brands

Since its establishment in Suwon, Korea in year 1969, Samsung Electronics has developed into an international information technology leader, handling more than 200 subsidiaries all over the world.

Vacuum cleaner from this brand can easily dispose of dirt and debris — even huge tangled messes of hair or tissue — through the easy-to-empty dustbin system. You can effortlessly remove the dustbin, remove off the lid and mix the content into the garbage. There is no fuss, no mess while operation indicating its efficient cleaning operation.

4. LG

Best vacuum cleaner brands

LG develops vacuum cleaners that are packed with latest technology to support make life easier. You can experience effortless cleaning free experience from a baggage of dust as all its new LG Bagless vacuum cleaners will change the way you clean your surrounds and save you the disorder from bacteria loaded dust bags.

The brand’s new range of Bagless vacuum cleaners clears down all the mess linked with cleaning to provide you spot clean atmospheres. Provided the noise-free operations, you will not know a machine like vacuum cleaner is operating to make the next room clean and dust-free. Its entire model comes with powerful suction that takes care of tiny dust particles or carpet hair while the mop nozzle functions for wet cleaning along with vacuuming operation.

3. Electrolux

Best vacuum cleaner brands

You can now pack the performance power in a lightweight package with the collection of lightweight vacuums offered by Electrolux. You can be able to save your back the trouble of lugging a loaded machine around your house, or even up and down stairs, with the assistance of these mostly weightless carpet sweepers (vacuum cleaners). Be it is an upright, stick or canister vacuum, Electrolux brand delivers a lightweight option for the most suitable cleaning experience till date. These vacuum cleaners help to reduce the physical stress of vacuuming while also offering your home with the deepest clean system it has ever seen.

2. Philips

Best vacuum cleaner brands

Vacuum cleaners from Philips are known to come in two types i.e. Bagless and hand vacuum cleaners. You can easily adapt the nozzle using the foot pedal, by the protective brushes on hard floor and the smooth soleplate for cleaning your floor. Irrespective of the type of surface you will continuously benefit from efficient and gentle cleaning. Its vacuum cleaner moves smoothly over any floors without spotting any marks and for this special thanks goes to the soft rubber wheels that make sure the floors are well protected. Its entire vacuum cleaners have an efficient motor that generates high suction power for efficient cleaning results.

1. Eureka Forbes

Best vacuum cleaner brands

Known to equip with latest cleaning technology, vacuum cleaners from this brand comes in two different variants i.e. indoor and outdoor vacuum cleaners. The indoor vacuum cleaners have capability to remove hidden dust and mites from difficult to reach places, to make a healthy and secure living space for you and your family.

Whether it your floors, carpet, mattresses or couches all of its vacuum cleaners provide you the sense of expert cleaning, as they clean out the most severe dust and dirt from even difficult to reach surfaces. Through latest innovative designs and powerful suction, the extensive ranges of outdoor vacuum cleaners are manufactured to ease your efforts, making outdoor dusting less of a chore.

Efficient cleaning of floors, carpets is prime requirement of any house, office, restaurants, etc. of any corner of world. The appreciation goes to modern technologies that have facilitated the listed top brands to manufacture best vacuum cleaner models for efficient cleaning.

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