10 Best Mattress Brands in India

A good sleep at night is a basic requirement of everyone and this can be only possible by selection of a comfortable mattress. For staying healthy through comfortable sleep in today’s hectic life, people go looking for the best mattress brand in India.

As there are many prominent players existing in the market, it is vital to judge different factors prior making a decision about mattress. Over the years in India, with the introduction of the modern technology and softer fabric material, mattresses have gotten better regularly.

Indian people now look for the material used inside mattresses and also look for material of borders of the mattress. It has been registered based on reports that the Indian mattress industry has been developing between 10 and 15 percent.

Are you worried about getting good sleep through appropriate mattress brand? Well, you will get better idea about best mattress brands in India of 2018 from below post:

10. Restonic:

Best mattress brands in India

Restonic is one of the foremost mattress brands in the country that offers two major mattress collections namely the ComfortCare and HealthRest. These two mattresses collection are found to be quite comfortable and will guarantee a good night’s sleep. The brand’s mattress will not lead you to any allergies or body aches and quite soft to touch. Restonic produces latex mattresses which facilitate the fabric to breathe and maintain it clean and hygienic. In case if you have sensitive skin, this is a recommended brand to invest in as it is found soft on your skin and less prone to bacteria.

9. Sleep zone:

Best mattress brands in India

Sleepzone is one of the finest mattress brands in India established since several years. It is owned by Real Innerspring Technologies Pvt. Ltd and is even recorded as one of the finest spring selling mattresses in the country. The product from this brand is known for their spring mattresses and their non-spring mattresses. Other than catering to homes, the brand is even a prevalent choice for hotels that favour to opt in for their collection of spring mattress. Some of the principal models include the Europedic, Springzone Spring Mattress, Organic Latex, Galaxy Bonnell Pro, Spring Mattress and the Europedic Memory Foam Mattress.

8. King Koil:

Best mattress brands in India

King Koil mattresses are one of the prominent mattress brands in India as well as entire world and are marketed in India by King Koil Sleep Systems Limited. It is known that this company is a sister concern of ARENCO Group’s Dubai Furniture Manufacturing Co. Mattresses owned by it. Till date, the brand has made four major mattress categories depending on the problems that customers face – Perfect Solutions, Spine Support Collection, Natural Response and Perfect Contour. King Koil mattress adjusts as per the body index without any side effect to the spine or the muscles.

7. MM Foam:

Best mattress brands in India

MM Foam is one of the prominent mattress manufacturers in the country involved in the business since 1957. Various kinds of mattresses of this brand known are Spring Mattresses, Pincore mattresses, Dual mattresses and coir mattresses. As it has capability to manufacture affordable mattresses, different furniture companies have collaborated up with this brand to furnish their beds with the mattresses. Various ranges of mattresses available are flexi coir range, premium range, spring fresh range, back support range and flexi puf range.

6. Duroflex:

Best mattress brands in India

Duroflex is placed in the list as the brand uses recent machineries and latest technology at their manufacturing units situated at Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu mattress products. This brand is known to adopt the Full Prone Support system that guarantees a person remains active and healthy when they wake up from the bed.

Duroflex mattresses let your body stay healthy without any aches and start your day comfortably. Duroflex offers four amazing ranges namely rubberized coir mattresses, Luxury mattresses, puff mattresses and spring mattresses. The brand is an ISO 9001:2000 certified and included as member of International Sleep Products Association. This is one of the top selling mattress brands in India and major exporter of mattress to overseas.

5. Tempur-Pedic:

Best mattress brands in India

This brand is known to use memory foam that benefits to maintain the body posture when sleeping and avoids any body aches. Various mattress models offered by the brand include Cloud, Weightless, Contour, and Simplicity. This mattress producing brand uses visco elastic foam to facilitate the person’s body and avoid body ache. The finest thing regarding this brand is that it offers a user trial period of 90 days in which customers can test the product and comes with a limited warranty period of 25 years.

4. Dunlopillo:

Best mattress brands in India

Dunlopillo is a brand known as the leading brand to present latex mattresses in year 1931. The advanced elasticity of the latex used amends the mattress to all contour of the body and offers best comfort. Four ranges of Dunlopillo mattresses that are available are Classic, Fusion, TempSmart, and Harmonize. It is known that this brand makes use of ActiproTM technology for manufacturing the mattress, which manages for protection from allergens, dust mites, and odours.

3. Sleep well:

Best mattress brands in India

Sleepwell mattress is a flagship brand of ISO 9001 certified famous Sheela Group of Companies prevalent since man decades. There are many mattresses that you can select under this brand, and all of its products will deliver the finest comfort while sleeping. The popular mattress models from Sleepwell are namely Premium, Spring Fresh, Back Support and Flexi Puff.

Sleepwell produce luxury mattress to cost effective mattress as well in their 12 different state of the art manufacturing industries. This mattress brand is recognized for their advanced products and they are continually working to improving quality regularly. The brand employs about 1500 employees and owns a n network of 5000+ dealers and over 100 distributors all over India. Sleepwell brand also have separate export division dedicated to export their products to 25 countries.

2. Rubco:

Best mattress brands in India

Rubco mattress is manufactured by largest rubber products producer named Kerala state Rubber Co-operative Ltd of India. The brand was established in year 1997 with just one unit co-operative organisation and by now has developed to Rs. 280crore Company. Rubco is identified all over India to manufacture the extensive range of mattresses like Dosth, Safal, Heal, Heaven, Yathri, Relief and Hi-Tech.

You can avail different range mattresses that includes conventional to luxurious products depending on the requirements of the customers. You can even get special orthopedic mattresses based on your requirement from Rubco. Their mattresses are known for quality and cost effectiveness. All of the mattresses products are of export quality and holds certifications namely USDA Organic, ISO 9001: 2008, ISI, NABCB QMS 001 etc.

1. Kurl On:

Best mattress brands in India

Kurl-On mattress began its journey since year 1962 in the field of mattress production, when visionary named Mr. Ramesh Pai, came to know that coconut coir fibre is utilized to manufacture motor car seats in Germany. This was an idea in his mind for which he started manufacturing coconut fibre mats as well as cushions. After that, the organization started producing mattresses, which has presently become best-selling mattress of India.

Currently they possess 126 varieties of mattress that are sold by PAN India network consisting of 7000+ dealers all over country. Kurl On mattresses is the leader in mattress manufacturers in India known for its high quality materials and the implementation of latest technology. You can get four major types of mattresses namely spring, rubberized coir, foam and therapeutic. Though, every mattress from this brand comes with its own pros and cons, customers are free to select it based on their comfort requirements.

The field of mattresses production has gained a considerable pace in the country since decades. Products from these brands strive to provide you with maximum comfort possible without any complaints of body aches. The listed brands have their outlets and distributors spread across different regions of India for their mattress products.

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