Top 10 Best Woolen Sweater Brands In India

India majorly faces summer blues and over the years, the winter season has become much harsh. The mercury has been dropping down a bit more every passing year and the chill waves become unbearable. If Indian summers can be beaten by having super soft and cool clothing, winters can also be tackled with proper woolen clothing. Even in Indoors, we Indians require woolen clothing.

Woolens are made from knitting cotton and wool but nowadays there are so many changes in the fashion of woolens as well. There has been seen a trend among youths to style themselves in different patterns of Woolens like V-Neck, Full neck, Zipper, Hoodies etc. There has been the onset of so many local as well as international brands in Woolen wear.

Some of the well-known brands have also catered to online market and are available in abundance over online mediums. Each brand has a distinctive feature to the type of cloth used, knitted pattern or softness which customers keep in mind while buying. So here, we would find out, which are the top Woolen Brands in India, which are the best to keep your warm indoors. Here are the top 10 Best Woolen Sweater Brands In India 2018.

10. Pepe Jeans (Rs 900 Onwards)

Best Woolen Sweater Brands In India

Worldwide known for its fashion clothing, Pepe Jeans has been among the top choice for woolen shopping among Indians. The brand abides by the quality and comfort fitting making it available for all sizes of thin, heavy, tiny or large. The Woolens are also available for Men & Women combined with different colours and patterns. The brand has worked upon the basic style of woolen wear by Indians having high neck and v-neck and added an extra tinge of color to make its look more appealing. The woolens are comparatively warmer and are not bulky in weight, thus do not take much space in your wardrobe too. The online presence of Pepe Jeans is on Amazon, Snapdeal, and Flipkart.

9. John Players (Rs 1100 Onwards)

Best Woolen Sweater Brands In India

A very peppy and likable brand in terms of fashion clothing is John Players. John Players belongs to ITC India LTD covering the whole range of woolens, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc for the youthful Indian customers. Their range of products with a myriad of options available make you chose best of all. All of the knitwear collection is very relaxing and soothing yet providing the required warmth needed on those chilly days. John Players have great accessibility to Indian customers, as there are around 400 showrooms and dealer outlets of John Players along with an online presence at big E-Commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon.

8. United colors of Benetton (Rs 800 Onwards)

Best Woolen Sweater Brands In India

A premium high-end brand, which is very classy while comes to clothing but very affordable as compared to other premium brands is UCB. The Woolen segment of UCB is reckoned because of its stylish collection. UCB is an Italian brand but it has made itself a niche in Indian Market and there are many loyal customers who prefer UCB over any other brands. The Woolen collection is quite striking with the balance of Dull and bright colors, patterns having Knitwears, Cardigans, for all, men, Women and even Kids. It is a complete family Brand where all woolens can be purchased under one roof for all family members. The status Quo goes parallel with UCB and it has widespread network having around 5000 stores supplying clothing from UCB. The online presence is strong as well.

7. Arrow (Rs 900 Onwards)

Best Woolen Sweater Brands In India

A must in your closet is the woolen from Arrow. The American brand has never failed to stack up to the expectation and deliver it in reality as well. Present in India over several decades, innovation in the Woolen segment has been seen by many through Arrow Woolens only. The famous fashion-clothing brand has been able to garner huge name in Woolen clothing as well having a combination of fabric using in their sweaters. The well-knitted and strong woolens are very durable and even in harsh winter days; the woolens keep you intact with warmth. They are very much comfortable to wear and are not allergic to skin. With great offline and online presence, Arrow has been among the top chosen brands while going for woolens.

6. Raymond (Rs 900 onwards)

Best Woolen Sweater Brands In India

Our very own Indian brand, Raymond has its presence in India since 1982. It is known as the gentlemen’s brand but over the years, it has established themselves as a top-notch clothing brand for Men, Women as well as Kids. Raymond is known for its soft fabric used which is the symbol of its quintessential design in clothing. Their woolens are body fit pertaining to extra comfort while matching them with any shirt or t-shirt. Raymond is also famous for its tailor made/ custom designs, which add to the uniqueness and let you avail pool of designs to choose from to save from the chilly season. You can get the classic and contemporary look with Raymond Woolens.

5. Duke (Rs 700 Onwards)

Best Woolen Sweater Brands In India

A well-known European brand, which has made a place in your wardrobe, is Duke. It is considered to be very cool and trendy brand among youths. The moment you slip in the woolens, it compliments great to your body. It oozes out style and panache giving more gentlemen look. There is a wide range of sweaters to choose from Duke Brand, which are high-end quality wise and lowers on price wise. Duke sweaters let you increase your style quotient with simple, checkered, melange, stripped etc sweaters to match up to your wardrobe. They are effortlessly easy to your skin as well as pocket.

4. Tommy Hilfiger (Rs more than 2500)

Best Woolen Sweater Brands In India

One of the most luxurious as well as a prestigious brand in fashion clothing is considered to be Tommy Hilfiger. The dashing and plush clothing by Tommy has attracted many and so it has been rated among top brands in the world. Indians do have a surge for Tommy as a brand and various celebrities are seen sporting clothing especially woolens from Tommy brand. It is very casual and trendy brand, which let you, cater to a vast variety of woolens to pick from whenever winter is in. Tommy’s woolen clothing has very finesse design and pattern to it making the use of it to the optimum. There are roughly about 1400 stores where Tommy clothing is available in 90 countries, out of which several retail stores are in big cities of India as well.

3. Peter England (Rs 1000 Onwards)

Best Woolen Sweater Brands In India

Considered, as among the most used and premium brand in clothing in India is Peter England. The smart and Gentlemen perso have been developed due to charming and brimming clothing wear by the brand. It is high on style yet very subtle when considered to casual look as well. The woolen clothing ranges from Woolen t-shirts to jackets, which are very elegant and smooth. The brand is especially for men’s clothing and uber stylish woolens picked can be matched with professional look as well as casual wear.

2. Puma (Rs 1200 Onwards)

Best Woolen Sweater Brands In India

Not only in Shoes, Puma has created a whole market in clothing as well in India. It is considered among the best woolen brand clothing for Indians with the perspective of fabric and affordability. Puma Woolen clothing is said to have best quality Yarn used to make the sweaters along with finest knit done to suit up your personality. Puma is said to be in India since 1948 and since then it has been mastering the art of clothes every time. The brand never fails to come up with new patterns, techniques and colour palettes. Based out in Germany and presence in over more than 120 countries, Puma Woolen Clothing has always been Jaw dropping in terms with the quality provided.

1. Monte Carlo (Rs 1100 onwards)

Best Woolen Sweater Brands In India

Topping the list of best Woolen Brands in India is the very own Indian brand, Monte Carlo by Oswal Woolen Mills Ltd. It is among the pioneer in woolen clothing operating since 1972. Widely known for its trendy, vibrant as well as minimalistic woolen clothing approach, it best suits for all men and Women. The Woolen gels well with any office wear or casual look because of its fashion savvy patterns. The best is the affordability and accessibility of the woolen Clothing by Monte Carlo. In India itself, there are around 200 Monte Carlo showrooms and more than 1300 retail outlets.

With winter on the onset, we Indians start looking out for easy Woolens, which are comfortable yet fashionable. These above brands stated provide all kinds of Vivid woolen clothing having a tinge of style and quality. The every woolen wear would ensemble well with all sorts of clothing thus making your work more hassle free of teaming the right cloth with right woolen. They are not only durable but congenial too. The woolen clothing speaks volume and keeps you stay strong in the freezing winter Season.

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