Top 10 Headphone Brands 2018

Headphones are among the modern day essentials that cannot be neglected at any cost. For any music buff out there, headphones are nothing short of a blessing in disguise. If you are a music lover, you would be owning a smart headphone which fulfills your desire of acoustic sound while on the go.

Spending a day without music in the modern era can be quite a tough thing. Thanks to headphones, we necessarily do not need to feel the vacancy for we can have music on the go.

If you are a music lover, you would be owning a smart headphone which fulfills your desire of acoustic sound while on the go. With an array of options available to chose from, you would not go for anything less. Choosing the best can be a challenging task so which would fit your requirement needs to be zeroed upon. As per the reports, the Headphone units sold all over the world summed up to 116 Million which is said to be around 140 Million by the end of 2018.

With the premonition of “music on the move” in the minds of every modern day teenager, these are the top 10 best brands of headphones in the world that can serve you with the delight in 2018.

10. Creative – Quality and Affordable

Best headphone brands

Creative has been among the premier headphone brands originating from the tech hub of Singapore. It is seemingly an amazing brand which lays utmost focus on ensuring quality music output with the essentials of looks and appeal. It is among the most preferred brands for the music components which call in for graded quality and a mesmerising visual appeal as well. The company has been growing steadily over the years and is expected to make a big mark in the near future. For now, it makes it on the tenth spot of our list.

9. Beyer Dynamic – Strives Innovation

Best headphone brands

Germany has been among the premier destinations that pioneered the concept of headphones in the world. Among the everlasting names, Beyer Dynamic is one such brand that seemingly has been successful on a trot since 1924. The company in the modern days accounts for some of the finest quality headphones while adhering to the conventional look which is often prized by headphone fanatics as well. It is a great asset for the people that look forward to quality music and great conventional appeal. The company has some great prospects which make it a great contender in the music industry.

8. JBL – Sound Redefined

Best headphone brands

There is no other brand better known in the music arena when compared to JBL. Having made their name in the music industry after being featured as the pioneer music box providers for ACDC concerts, this company had simply no looking back. It is among the most sought after brand by the teenagers owing to the fact that they have an affinity towards crazy bass. The company at present has certainly seen better days. Comparing the present competition, the craze may have diminished to a certain extent, but the integral identity of the brand being one of the best still remains for good.

7. SOL Republic – Best in class

Best headphone brands

Yet another international name that seemingly would be of great appeal to the bass-centric music lovers is the SOL Republic. The company presently accounts for the provision of high-end bass drove music headphones with a sleek and compelling appeal. The quality of the music which appeals to the ears of the listener is definitely beyond the conventional realms. The most amazing aspect of the company tends to be its comparatively lower pricing which surely has been luring in a large number of music enthusiasts on to the bucket list.

6. Grado – Stylish yet comfortable

Best headphone brands

Black is the color that you need to associate with this brand. Well, black headphones are seemingly the signature asset to the music arcadia. In the present market, Grado is recognised as the highest grossing producer of “open air headphones”, of course in their signature black visuals. The most intriguing feature of the headphones apart from their classical appeal is the fact that they are non-resonant types. The resonance level in the headphone has been attested at 98 decibels only. This is an impeccable feature which has made this company feature on the sixth spot in our top-10 countdown for the best headphone companies in the world.

5. Pioneer – For all Class of people

Best headphone brands

“Pioneer” is quite evidently one of the premier brands for professional music individuals in the industry. It is a brand which is ecstatically popular with the modern day concert DJs and music producers as well. It is a brand which is made for mixing and wrapping music with an unconventional and translucent touch. The brand isn’t all that appealing to conventional music buffs, but it is surely one of the most prized possessions for the professional musicians and DJs in the circuit. If you are one of them then this is the brand that you need to go for without a second thought.

4. KOSS – Hands on Experience

Best headphone brands

KOSS is among the premier brands and perhaps among the first and oldest line of companies that made their inception around the early 1900s. The company has been known to provide the finest headphones in terms of noise reduction and real-feel with the music. The most intriguing aspect about the headphones manufactured by the company is the fact that they are incredibly stylish and comfortable at the same time. The earmuff cushions are incredulously soft and provide for a blissful musical experience. The clarity of sound is simply one of the finest with the headphones of the company. This brand has been rapidly expanding and is sure to make it big within a very short span of time.

3. Sony- Legendary & Simplified

Best headphone brands

Sony is a global phenomenon in the music industry which has brought about the biggest revolutions till date. There is absolutely no denying that Sony is among the leading headphone producers in the world. They not only account for premium quality but also lay equal emphasis on the durability and visual appeal of the product. The music gear by Sony is the perfect asset for the younger generation that looks forward to something “funky” and “cool”. The “Sony Walkman” series is still considered to be one of the pioneer moves by the brand which brought them to becoming one of the biggest entities in the music industry.

2. Bose – Sound and Music Clarity

Best headphone brands

One of the biggest names that have surfaced in the modern times has been the Massachusetts-based company “BOSE”. These are fundamentally among the most expensive headphones in the industry, but it can seemingly be justified by the eccentric sound quality and clarity. The looks of the headphones manufactured by the company is also on the modern side since it gives forth a feeling of class and dignity. The durability of the hardware is on the brighter side as well. These headphones are essentially ideal for day to day use as they tend to be durable and meant for the longer run.

1. Sennheiser – Features at their best

Best headphone brands

We believe that there is absolutely no individual in the world that would not have heard about Sennheiser. It is a German brand which is inclined on refining the music experience of an individual to the next possible level. The company has been the providers of headphones with unmatched musical clarity and impeccably amusing durability. The company thrives by virtue of the quality headphones that they bring forward in the market. All of these headphones are visually enticing as well which makes it emphatically popular among the teenagers. If you are on the lookout for a blend of quality with respect to every possible feature, then these Sennheiser headphones are surely ideal for you.

These companies bring about the best in terms of quality and musical experience as well. These headphone companies are the standout performers that cannot be undermined at any cost. If you are on the lookout for the best companies that suit your needs for music on the go, then these are the best of all options available to you.

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