Top 10 Room Heater Brands In India

Room heaters are a recommended buy as these appliances will increase work efficiency and keep warm while working. In India, except in some regions winter does not dominate its thunder for long time but we are exaggerated by the feel of the shivers and quivers.

In such cases, a suitable room heater from prestigious brands is a suggested buy to combat cold and have efficient working experience. In no time, these appliances will make the temperature of the room quite warm and comfortable which is required to dispense off the chill. Depending on the power efficient operation, automatic operation and price charges, below listed are ten of the best recommended room heater brands in India in 2018.

10. Inalsa Room Heater

Best room heater brands in India

The room heaters belong right the house of Inalsa, prevalent in Indian markets since years. It has gained popularity as it is one of the leading brands which have introduced the room heater appliance to Indian customers. Room heaters from Inalsa are obtainable in types like fan heaters, halogen heaters, Oil filled radiators, etc. Certain popular models of this brand include Fusion, Cosy, Neon Quartz and Pro Dragon Fin. brand. Inalsa room heaters falls in price range between Rs. 999 to Rs. 8,000.

9. Nova Room Heaters

Best room heater brands in India

Nova is prevalent name recognized as the brand that produces many different electrical appliances in the country including room heater. Using heaters from this brand, you can avail a number of options as per your requirement as well as your room size. Certain models from this brand comes with two heat settings option while some offers an auto cut off feature. The room heaters from this brand are observed with minimum overheating problem making it a best recommended brand for efficient uses. You can avail room heaters from Nova at low starting price of Rs. 990 while latest models with oil filled technology come at around Rs. 10,000. Nova brand was established in the year 1975 and has been a leading brand of the room heater among other brands in market.

8. Crompton Greaves Room Heaters

Best room heater brands in India

Crompton Greaves is placed in the list as it is one of the oldest and reliable brands in Electrical appliance industry. The room heaters come with inbuilt heat convectors which are considered perfect for winter’s evening and nights. Majority of its model offers three heat settings option with the adaptable thermostat and castor wheels offered for suitable and comfortable movement. It is more recommended as these products do not create humidity and you can also use as dryer of moisture in the room.

7. Morphy Richards Room Heater

Best room heater brands in India

Established since year 1936, Morphy Richards have many room heating products offered for Indian customers. Room heaters from this brand come at starting price of Rs. 2,300 to as high as Rs. 15,000. To name popular products of this brand, Tipsy, OFR series, Daisy, Maisy, etc are few names to be incorporated in room heater segment.

6. Bajaj Room Heaters

Best room heater brands in India

Bajaj is an ISI certified brand offering its room heaters that are compact in size and come with a metallic mesh like surface on the outside body and its reflector are made of Nickel. Room heaters from Bajaj are easy to carry and you can put in any room or even any corner of room of your choice. Bajaj sell fan heaters, halogen heaters, and radiant room heaters in its retail outlets and also over online shopping sites. You can seek benefits of Bajaj room heaters at lowest price of Rs. 1850.

5. Orient Room Heater

Best room heater brands in India

Orient is another well-known brand dedicated to making your winter warm and comfortable. Certain of the popular models of Orient are Orient Actus HC 2201 D, Orient Actus PH2002R, Orient Actus OF0901N, and Orient Actus OF0902F. Room heaters from Orient come in many technologies like PTC heating, oil filled, convection, etc. You can seek benefits of Bajaj room heaters at lowest price of Rs. 6550 and its service centres are situated in major cities of India.

4. Havells Room Heaters

Best room heater brands in India

Room heaters from Havells India Ltd. are known for its affordable price range and offering latest technological features. It is acknowledged for its sleek design providing it a stylish look. For ease of use, it comes with wall mounting arrangement with option to fix in any direction as per the necessity.

3. Usha Room Heaters

Best room heater brands in India

This brand is more acknowledged as Indians have more welcomed the brand Usha and favours it more than foreign brands for room heaters. It is unique as it offers a structure which makes it recognizable from the rest within similar models being manufactured. Its room heater comes with a handle that is provided to the long heater which permits for quick portability. It possesses a PTC ceramic element for warming up and provides double safety over heating protection. You can avail warm feeling through three different comfort settings unique to it. There room heater comes with the wall mounting arrangement that assist you to mount it in any position of your room.

2. Khaitan Room Heaters

Best room heater brands in India

Recognized as a highly dependable brand in the country, Khaitan provides room heaters which might be somewhat more expensive than the relevant comparable brands but great on quality. It comes with stylish looks it functions on very low noise for silent operation. Other unique features are the three-heat setting, an adaptable thermostat and guard from overheating problems. It has come with four small wheels incorporated within making it easy to transport and room heaters from Khaitan are environmental friendly.

1. Maharaja Room Heaters

Best room heater brands in India

This brand is at the foremost position as its wide range of room heaters are at par with the available in the market. You can call room heater from Maharaja as easy on the pocket with the stylish designs and shapes. Its stylish design makes a beautiful sight at room corner in winter seasons. As it is an ISI certified product, the room heaters are the good old halogen heater which varies based on the temperature changes of the room.

A room heater from these prestigious brands is measured to be a better option in comparison to the blower for the health point of view as it maintains the humidity level inside room under control. It is recommended that while buying it from these brands, you keep in mind aspects like power efficiency, price reliability since it’s a seasonal product. It is suggested to select heater based on room size, the wattage of the heater and the automatic operation.

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