Top 10 Best Green Tea Brands in India

Indian mornings always commence with sipping a cup of tea as it rejuvenates ones senses and boosts the body. Over the past few years with the spread of fitness bandwagon, the people have shifted` from conventional tea to a herbal concoction-‘Green tea’. The brew is in vogue nowadays due to its oodles of benefits.

Green tea stabilizes the hypertension issues, controls diabetes, aids in weight reduction, assists in quitting smoking, works as an antioxidant, purifies the blood, prevents heart diseases, contains anti-cancer properties, strengthens the memory and contains caffeine that boosts the day.

Though the beverage was invented in China but due to its tons of benefits, India has become one of the chief producers of the tea. There are numerous brands of Green tea in India that often leads to perplexity among the populace as to which brand’s tea should they be buying. Therefore we have come up with our most up-to-date list of ‘Top 10 Green Tea Brands in India’ as of 2018 for you, so that you can straightforwardly make your decision.

10. La Plant

Best Green Tea Brands in India

La plant is a newly emerging brand in Green tea’s market. Within few years the brand has garnered a lot of popularity and has earned a sound reputation among the consumers. They seek to provide the consumers with vivid flavors and aroma of the brew to opt according to their taste. Their green tea is rich in antioxidants and is exotic.

The brand is renowned for its Darjeeling Green Tea that is carefully plucked from sophisticated estates of Darjeeling. Bereft that they offer ample of other flavors that includes Mint and Ginger, Honey and Lemon, Tulsi, Mint and Lemon, Lemon, Mint Ginger and Lemon. The icing on the case is their eye-catching packing and tea’s availability in online markets. The price of 25 tea bags of La Plant is Rs 160.

09. Tetley

Best Green Tea Brands in India

The premier brand is one of the oldest and eminent brands that brought green tea to India. It is also a leading producer of green tea in India. The tea is made of organic materials that are naturally extracted. Its green tea is consumed by plethora of people to reduce their weight and to purify their skin.

Drinking Tetley green tea everyday relaxes and cools mind. Few of its relishing flavors includes Citrus and Spice, Mint and Honey, Cinnamon and Honey, Ginger, Long Leaf. Its Aloe Vera flavour is considered excellent for the skin as it removes toxins from the body. One can easily procure it from online stores. You can either buy a pack of loose leaves or tea bags. The rate of 30 tea bags is Rs 160.

08. Lipton

Best Green Tea Brands in India

Lipton (product of Unilever company) is a specialist and illustrious brand in traditional tea, which recently entered the green tea’s market. The attraction of this brands’ green tea is the distinctive and exclusive variants. The diverse variants include Orange Passion, Jasmine, Matcha Green Tea, Purple Acai Blueberry, Red Goji Raspberry, Citrus, Mint etc. In terms of sales, the brand is leading ahead of all its counterparts. The tea is prepared with young tealeaves and is devoid of additives. It is available in tea bags as well as in the form of loose leaves. It is economical and its 25 tea bags cost Rs 140.

07. Happy Valley

Best Green Tea Brands in India

It is one of the up-and-coming brands in green tea market. Developed with bio-vibrant practices, it offers superior quality and elite organic green tea to the consumers. The tea is extracted and refined from Darjeeling and offers a mesmerizing aroma. Happy Valley’s green tea comes in oodles of variants each having a tempting aroma. Its sumptuous tea bags are draped discretely with intricately designed wrapper. Bestowing to its outstanding quality the rates of its tea is slightly higher than its competitors. 25 tea bags of Happy Valley Green Tea are worth Rs 450.

06. Twinings

Best Green Tea Brands in India

With its rich history of over 300 years, Twinings (UK Brand) is one of the most acknowledged and well-known brands of green tea. Its green tea’s flavors are extracted from natural fruits. It also offers vivid varieties of Herbal Infusions and Black Tea. The green tea can be procured either in the form of loose leaves or flavored tea bags. Its different variants are Jasmine, Lemon, Mint, Honey, Earl Grey, Cranberry etc. These are also available in online shopping sites. The price of 25 bags of Twinings Green Tea is Rs 270.

05. Golden Tips

Best Green Tea Brands in India

It is a lavish brand that offers sumptuous and superior quality tealeaves. The tealeaves are solely sleeted from premium estates of Darjeeling giving them an exceptional essence. It is also one of the best tea manufacturing companies of India. It offers a hefty number of loose leafed variants. Since the tea is made for the elite class, so it comes in a very striking brocade packaging. 200 grams of Golden Tips brocade package costs Rs 620. A normal package is also available in tea bags whereby 25 tea bags (50 grams) amounts to Rs 120.

04. Typhoo

Best Green Tea Brands in India

Typhoo is a renowned UK brand that entered the Indian market in recent times. The tea is incredible in terms of its taste and can be savored as a substitute of drinks. The tea is devoid of artificial flavors, preservatives and sugar making it a cup of good health. A cup of Typhoo tea in the morning is just enough to boost your day. It is available in flavors like Jasmine, Moroccan Mint, Lemongrass etc. One of the reasons behind popularity of the brand is that it is inexpensive. The cost of 25 tea bags is Rs 120.

03. Basilur

Best Green Tea Brands in India

The Basilur green tea is a luxury brand of green tea that is imported from Sri Lanka. The brand is well known among green tea consumers due to its aroma and pleasant taste. The green tea is simply a treat to the taste buds. Its contents are solely made of Ceylon and possess exotic blends. The tea comes in plethora of variants for its precious customers. The tea boasts of its fine-looking packaging. Since the brand is plush so its green tea is a bit pricey in comparison to its rivals. The value of 100 g of Basilur Green Tea is Rs 699.

02. 24 Mantra Organic Green Tea

Best Green Tea Brands in India

24 Mantra is a relatively new-fangled and budding brand that is garnering a lot of acceptance among budget constraint people. The product is comprised of organic ingredients. The brands manufactures green tea bereft using any pesticides. The brand adopts sustainable farming and is encouraging healthier way of living. One of the advantages of the tea is its cost that is suitable to person belonging to any sect of the society. It is easily available in shopping malls, stores as well as online. 100 g of 24 Mantra Organic Green Tea has an asking price of Rs 160.

01. Organic India

Best Green Tea Brands in India

Organic India is a foremost brand of green tea in India offering organic green tea. With escalating trend of using organic products in India, the popularity of this brand also amplified. It has a rich flavor, 100% natural ingredients and pleasing taste. The brand is unique in the sense that all its green tea is infused either with Basil or Tulsi.

They have also adopted sustainable methods of farming and claims of providing superior quality tealeaves to the regulars. The tea comes is several flavors like Lemon-Ginger, Earl Grey, Jasmine, Pomegranate both in the form of tea bags or loose leaves. The beverage is available in almost all stores at rational prices. 100 grams of Organic India Green Tea is priced Rs 350.

A cup of green tea is quite beneficial to kick start your mornings. Green tea can also be helpful in reducing weight as well in purifying the skin. The ideal time to consume green tea is in the morning. It should not be consumed empty stomach or before sleeping at night. Though green tea is very beneficial however, excess of green tea can lead to health issues as it contains caffeine. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should circumvent consuming it.

There are so many brands of green tea in the market. You can try each of these and settle for the one that is most appropriate for you in terms of your budget and flavor and requirement.

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