Top 10 Best Bicycle Brands in India

Do you remember when have you used the bicycle last time? Well, I don’t exactly remember, may be in schools. Nowadays I even hardly see a person riding a bicycle. I mean bicycle not as a mean of exercise, hobby or entertainment but as a mean of real transportation. And the reason behind it is the advancement of technology.

In the present era, the hi-tech featured cars and bikes have certainly affected the usages of bicycles. But when human had nothing as a transport mode, bicycles seemed to be a savior. Thanks to Baron Karl Von Drais, who invented bicycle verifiably in 1817.

Though bicycle was devised in 1817 but Indians witnessed it for the first time quite later in 1890. However, the import of bicycles was started in 1905 but later in 1953 Indian government completely banned the import of the bicycles.

As a result, today India is proudly the second largest manufacturer of the bicycles in the world after China, with 12 million units annually. With the demand of generation, the definition of bicycles is changing as well. Previously bicycles were generally categorized as following:

• Gents
• Ladies
• Kids
• High end

But at present, there are many new and trendy categories of bicycles which are particularly designed for a specific purpose. The significant ones are-:

• Road bicycles
• Touring bicycles
• Track/ fixed gear bicycles
• Hybrid bicycles
• Mountain bicycles
• Folding bicycles

Here is a list of top 10 such multi- featured and stylish best bicycle brands in India as of 2018 which come promptly in mind when one considers buying a new one. These brands will surely meet all your needs.

10. Mongoose:

Best Bicycle Brands in India

This prestigious brand came into existence in 1974 producing its first product Motomag One Wheel in California. The headquarters are based in Madison Wisconsin, US. In 2001, Mongoose merged with a Canadian bicycles brand named Pacific cycles. Mongoose only manufactures bicycles and electric scooters. The company offers different models under three main categories Mountain, BMX, and Urban bicycles. The most popular products of this company are Rockadile Comp 24” Boys, Assphalt Tripel and Fraction. This company has always known for its innovative ideas. By making an ample use of lightweight alloy and Magnesium in its product, it gives the privilege to the riders to test their limits beyond just a bicycle.

9. La Sovereign:

Best Bicycle Brands in India

La Sovereign, a brand which has been in the bicycle trade for the last 50 years, is today one of the premieres and leading bicycle brands of India. It is a first ever joint venture between India &Thailand; companies to make high quality and world class designed bicycles & kids toys to serve the needs of Indian consumers.

The company manufactures Road bikes, Mountain bikes, Geared bikes, High-end bikes, imported bikes, kids bicycles, and BMX bicycles. Apart from this, it also offers a huge range of bicycle & bike accessories. This company has gained a top level of technical expertise that’s why today it holds a strong presence in Indian as well as in Export market.

8. Schwinn:

Best Bicycle Brands in India

The next name in this list comes Schwinn. If you want to have a cool, joyous and pleasant experience while riding, get this one. Bicycles manufactured by this brand will let you go beyond your dreams because they are light weight and light running as they are made of best American & European high- tech features. This company is quite older in the market. It was founded in 1895 in Chicago.

The major categories of their products are Cruisers, Road, Hybrid, Urban, kids, and mountain bicycles. Along with that, it also offers helmets, storage, lights, saddles, and other components related to the bicycles. Over the 100 years, this brand has been the user’s favorite choice because their products are inculcated with the latest technology and meet users every demand.

7. Montra:

Best Bicycle Brands in India

This is an Indian home brand founded in 1949, just after the independence. This brand was introduced by BSA bicycle brand in the market. Being a household of in-built Carbon fibre cycles this company designs the bicycles using Carbon fibre frame in order to provide extra comfort, safety, durability, longer performance, reliability, and flexibility to its riders.

In 2012 Montra became the first ever brand in the country to bring the Titanium bike called Montra country Titanium. It is also credited with manufacturing some of the strongest, lightest, and fastest cycles ever produced in India. My Track and Montra Techno are some of the significant products of this brand. If you want a reasonable price, high performance and great inbuilt quality in one product, this is meant for you.

6. Trek:

Best Bicycle Brands in India

The 6th position in this list is occupied by Trek, a pioneer bicycle brand founded in 1975 in Waterloo, USA. Aside from being a top bicycle brand in India, it is the biggest name in global platform too. Trek bicycles are promoted in 90 countries from Asia, Europe, to America.

The company offers different models in City, Town, Kid’s and Mountain bicycles for all age group. The exceptional features and ease of use put this brand apart from the other competitors. It gives privilege to the bicycle users to customize it according to their needs, style, and comfort. Interestingly, in 1993 Trek produced the world’s lightest mountain bike weighing 1.29kg.

5. Firefox:

Best Bicycle Brands in India

A newly launched company secured 5th position in this list. Quite impressive! Founded in 2004 in Delhi, this company has come really a long way. With each passing day, the size of this brand got bigger and it added many stars on its shoulders that made Firefox a global name, though initially it was established for Indian market.

With almost 30 new international models, Firefox offers a wide range of bicycles such as Full Suspension, BMX, Kids, Road, Trek, and Hybrid bicycles. It mainly targets the youth and kids folk across the country. You can assume the quality of the brand with the fact that it won the millions of heart in such a short span of time.

4. Atlas:

Best Bicycle Brands in India

Here again a home brand of India which is undoubtedly one of the pioneer brands in the market. The unstoppable journey of Atlas embarked on in 1951 and continues making it the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world. Atlas manufactures several models in Bicycles, Mountain bikes, City bikes, Kids bike, and Sports bike. It is also accredited with introducing the first racing bicycle in India in 1978.This company has a huge dealership network in the country as well in the global arena. It goes without saying that Atlas is the most reliable and loving brand among the riders.

3. BSA (Birmingham Small Arms Company):

Best Bicycle Brands in India

This UK originated company has been in the market for almost 140 years. But it came to existence in India around 1950 when Murugappa Group & Tube Investments (TI) collaborated and manufactured the incredible bicycles. In 1994, the BSA took the most revolutionary step launching LadyBird Cycle for the young girls to promote cycling among the girl. At present, it offers several categories of cycles such as Champ, Motors, Roadsters, Workouts, and Toddlers. This company proudly holds the honor of introducing first ever safety bicycle named Otto Dicycle. It puts radical technology and innovations in its products, therefore the riders are going crazy for this brand.

2. Hercules:

Best Bicycle Brands in India

The second most popular and trustworthy name in this list is Hercules. A British bicycle brand, established in 1910, is again a part of TI cycles. It offers several models in different categories of bicycles but is especially known for geared mountain bikes. Roadsters, Riders, Jr. Roadsters, Turbo drive MTV and CMX are some of its prominent productions. Hercules impressively holds the record of launching Shock Absorbers, Turbo Drive, and Top Gear bicycles in India for the first time. A wide range of multi-featured productions makes this brand a first-choice of billions.

1. Hero:

Best Bicycle Brands in India

Here comes the largest, biggest and most celebrated brand in this market, which is again a home brand of India. HERO, a company that really justifies its name, commenced its journey in 1956 since then it never looked back. This brand is deep rooted in Ludhiana and expended its network all over the world. Hero offers numerous trendy, classic, unique and hi-tech bicycle models.

Besides being the world’s leading bicycle manufacturer it produces motorbikes too. After the collaboration with Japan-based Honda Company it became the Hero Honda Motorcycles Limited. In 1986, Hero marked the biggest benchmark when it was recorded in Guinness books of world record for being the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world. Now you can assume, why this brand stands first in this list as well as in people’s choice list.

These are the top Indian bicycle manufacturing companies which put enormous sums, latest technology, and new features to improve the quality of their product every other day. This is the only reason, today branded bicycles are giving a modest competition to the motorbikes.

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