Ten Best Digital Camera Brands In India To Capture The Memories

We Indians love to create memories and here Camera is the best device to capture them. Every day thousands of pictures have been uploaded on social media websites. Whether it is personal or it is for work the perfection is what always been appreciated. If you are still clicking from camera phones then you are missing the real photography.

If clicking pictures is your hobbies then we are here with the list of Top 10 Camera Brands in India. This list has been prepared on the basis of online reviews of the various models by the users. Yes, we have considered multiple categories such as DSLR, Digital, movie, camcorders, point and shoot and still cameras. Just look what this nation has chosen in the top 10. List of top 10 Best Digital Camera Brands In India in 2018.

10. Pentax

Best Digital Camera Brands In India

Pentax is another name of quality when we are talking about cameras. You can click a perfect shot when you have a Pentax camera with you. The company also manufactures binoculars, CCTVs, and video cams. But why it is on the number 10? The answer is its products are not designed for simple users as you can only go with professionals. The brand is not completely established in India and only known to the people who are in Photography. A lot more is required to be done to increase its rank and be the first choice of Indian consumers.

9. Philips

Best Digital Camera Brands In India

Ranking 9th on our list of Top 10 Camera Brands in India is the very popular electronics brand Philips. Yes, it is not an indigenous brand but Indians have accepted its quality products. It is one of the biggest electronics brands of India. It manufactures Audio- Video sets, Hair grooming products, electronic products and also Cameras. The price range is the USP of this brand. The cameras of Philips are still not known to many but if you find one you can buy it because it does a pretty job in the price range.

8. Kodak

Best Digital Camera Brands In India

Once it was known as the best brand of Camera but the lack of R&D and modern day innovations have left it behind. If you can remember the days when the cameras were not as digital as these are right now then you are from the age of Kodak. This American brand was popular with the tagline of “Kodak Moment” and still in the race of best brands as it offers Kodak Printers, Kodak Paper, Kodak Cameras, & Kodak photo services. Its fans still believe in this brand and yes, it on the list of Top 10 Camera Brands in India with no. 8th spot.

7. Olympus

Best Digital Camera Brands In India

Initially specializing in the fields of thermometers and microscopes this Brand has made a strong progress and entered in the segment of cameras. When it comes to cameras like other Japanese innovations, Indians have appreciated the efforts of this brand. Apart from great cameras and perfect lenses the Olympus manufactures and sells industrial scanners, digital cameras, software for image development, a variety of video scopes and light sources, some technical stuff like XRF and XRD analyzers, and high-speed video cameras at the Industrial level. The company has now managed a huge brand value and it ranks on the 7th spot of our list.

6. Samsung

Best Digital Camera Brands In India

When we talk about Samsung a number of consumer goods come to our mind. From Televisions, Air conditioners, Refrigerators, washing machine to smartphones the Brand has made its presence in every single segment. Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-Chul and being a Korean brand this company has everything for everyone. You can experience its high-end R&D in every product especially in personal computers, smartphones and Unmistakably in Cameras. This company enjoys a very big brand value but still, something is missing in the cameras segment as it is not going that much great. The company is known for its Camcorders, Point and shooters and now launching many new products in the Tech market.

5. Fujifilm

Best Digital Camera Brands In India

When we are discussing Top 10 Camera Brands in India, we can’t miss Fujifilm and we placed on number 5 on our list. This Japanese company has its headquarters in Tokyo but their businesses are running worldwide. The company is known for manufacturing great cameras and other imaging equipment. The brand has entered digital cameras, color films, optical devices to medical imaging and diagnostics equipment, cosmetics and other sectors too. But as we discussing its cameras then you will be surprised by knowing the fact that this brand still manufactures vintage cameras with films. If you are going with a strict budget then you can go for its various camera models.

4. Panasonic

Best Digital Camera Brands In India

From its inception day to 2008, The Brand was known by the name of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. but it is now famous as Panasonic and it is one of the leading brand among Electronics. The Panasonic is known for its Headphones, Smartphones, Air conditioners, LCD/LED’s screen and the reason because of which it is on our list is LUMIX the brand under which it sells its cameras. The cameras are enough if you want to experience high-end photography at a nice budget. The after sales services and great customer support from LUMIX has placed this brand on the 4th position of the Top 10 Camera Brands in India.

3. Sony

Best Digital Camera Brands In India

Another Japanese Giant but known for its high-end products, Sony is on the 3rd spot on the list of Top 10 Camera Brands in India. This Brand has deep roots in the Indian market as it is doing great in the entertainment, mobiles, cameras and personal computers too. It has great brand value and Indian customers believe on its quality products and after sales services. When discussing the camera segment, Sony is here with multiple variants and the best selling products are the point to shoot cameras and its camcorders. Sony specially designs its camera lenses and due its engineering and great quality these are used in other brands too. Sony smartphones are equally popular for its crystal clear clarities.

2. Canon

Best Digital Camera Brands In India

This company is more into the business of Imaging and printing but equally standing strong when you are talking about cameras. The great advertisements and the quality products are making this brand popular among Indians. This Japanese giant has made its presence in the Indian markets with the latest products. The company has products like cameras, camcorders, computer printers, photocopiers and smart scanners in its portfolio. In the recent years, the popularity of this brand has increased at a stronger rate. And its latest products in the Photography segment have placed it on the no. 2 on the list of Top 10 Camera Brands in India.

1. Nikon

Best Digital Camera Brands In India

One of the oldest brand and preferred by both Armatures and experts, Nikon saves the top spot on this list. Don’t judge it by price as the quality of lenses and the design of the various models will make you fall for it. If you are more into professional photography then we are sure you will find the best DSLRs only from Nikon. The company has something for all. But with the latest concept of DSLR the company is emerging as a leader in the sales of Camera units and making huge profits in the Indian Market.

It is not always about the brand as the quality of products does matter and hence you may not accept our rankings. After sales services and camera, performance can change your mind. Be ready to buy one because it is not always about selfies as sometimes you need to capture real moments. So, say CHEESE and SMILE 🙂

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